The Brain Chemistry Behind Transgenderism

Due to the growing number of people who fail to identify with one of two sexes in our society, scientists have begun to study transgenderism. People have asked whether or not being transgender is a choice or if these people really were born with the wrong sex. Richard Friedman from The New York Times supports the theory of differing brain chemistry when he reports on a study with Dr. Kranz of the Medical University of Vienna, Dr. Kranz’s studies show that gender is more of a spectrum and that having a two gender system alienates a large range of people who do not comfortably fall into one of two categories: male or female. This is where transgender and transexual people begin to feel excluded, they don’t want to be defined in the way that society often forces them to be. 

View the article here: How Changeable is Gender rs-20292-20140729-transgender-x1800-1406671118


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