Sources and Paragraphs

Discusses the effects of cell phones on social life, face to face time, and hoe cell phones are changing relationships between people. This source looks at different age groups ranging from teens to the elderly. The author has a PhD and appears to be a credible source.  The author appears to be biased towards the acceptance of the changes cell phones are bringing and appears to believe that integration into the digital age in all aspects of life is not necessarily a bad thing. The most useful information here is definitely the data collected on ages and differences in how they use the phone to communicate.

Despite the title this source seems to be surprisingly balanced with helpful pros and cons of cell phones and their aspect of communication. This source discusses usage levels, individual attitudes, and cultural aspects of cell phone usage which makes it very valuable. It appears to be an academic, thoroughly credible source.  It delves into the freedom that cell phones both give and take away on many different levels. It talks about the freedom it gives to youth and how it tethers them to their parents with a intangible leash. It talks about the freedom it gives to employees and yet how they cannot escape their work at the same time.

This source focuses on face to face communication and how people are accidentally, intentionally, and are overall growing accustomed to ignoring others and using their phones in the presence of others. This source shows that many people use their phone between 1/6 and 1/3 of the day. Like no joke 18% of the surveyed said they used their phone 8 hours or more a day. It also illuminated that only 6% of people do not mind their friends or family using technology while spending time with them and 75% of people have an active problem with it. This study indicates that face to face communications have decreased in quantity and quality due to this new form of communication.


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