Advanced MRI Scans

Janae Leach

“Advance Makes MRI Scans More than Seven times Faster …” N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2016.

In this article, international physicists and neuroscientists have made a revolutionary discovery regarding the speed of an MRI. A physicist from the University of California, Berkeley, and other colleagues from the University of Minnesota and Oxford University have made two extremely important improvements that will create three-dimensional brain scans in less than half a second. Usually these types of scans last up to two to three seconds. David Feinberg, one of the physicists, described this breakthrough as “like stepping out of a prop plane into a jet plane.” The fast speed of a brain scan is especially important for acquiring the dynamic activity of the brain. The article also describes how the faster scans are made possible. The physicists and neuroscientists combined two technical improvements that were invented in the last decade. These improvements separately enhanced the scanning speeds two to four times over the previous MRI technique.

This piece follows the standard online article format. There are interviews of the actual scientists involved that make the article strong and credible. The style of writing is simple and easy to follow even when the author was describing the complicated technology behind the MRI. It is certainly informative and educational; however, it would have been stronger if it had discussed the benefits of faster brain scanning for the patients. There was only a brief paragraph describing the positives for the actual patients. Improving this area of the article would broaden the type of audience reading it and it would make it more convincing to the public to try this new technology.

This article is useful because it informs the readers that better technology is being created for the already modern MRI. Faster MRIs could mean quicker health care and more accurate images of brain activity. This improvement technology could change the course of modern medicine and health care for patients.



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