History of Tattoos

Boo, Jinxi. “History of Tattoos.” Tattoo Advice and History. Jinxi Boo, 09 Oct. 2009. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.

This article summarizes the whole history of tattoos and tattoo guns, starting with the neolithic/ stone age time.  The author goes through the different techniques and different style tools used.  It also talks about what societies introduced tattoos to different groups.  In 1891 the first electric tattoo gun was made.  This was a big turning point in the history of tattoos.

This author has a very strong article.  He is very well informed on different cultures and where the traditions of tattoos started.  He got his information from a book called Let’s Be Realistic, by Mike DeVries.  He studied this book and then expanded his research of the history of tattoos.

This information in the article is very useful for my topic because knowing where tattoos started and why is important to contrast with why people get tattoos and now.  Tattoos have become more popular because of the convenience of the electronic gun but have they lost significance because of this?  This is a very important question that goes with my topic that I am looking into answering.  The history behind tattoos is significant to why people choose to get tattoos now and whether they have the same meanings that they used to.  

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