OSHA Compliance for Tattoo Parlors, Artists, & Shops

Haedt, Russel. “OSHA Compliance for Tattoo Parlors, Artists, & Shops – US Bio-Clean.” US BioClean. US BioClean, 11 July 2014. Web. 23 Oct. 2016.

This article is about the sanitation and safety protocols behind tattoo guns and tattoo parlors.  Most tattoo parlors follow the protocol set up by OSHA.  Tattoo guns are considered medical grade tools and because of this have to follow the sanitation rules.  Sanitation became important because tattoos can bleed when being down and AIDs is passed through blood and needles so this became a scare when getting a tattoo.

This article is pretty straight forward with facts about OSHA and what they require for tattoo parlors. I trust that this is trust worthy information because it comes from the OSHA requirements set which are nationally known.  

The sanitation behind tattoos is important to my topic because many feared that if they got a tattoo they may contract aids from needles that weren’t cleaned properly.  Diseases were also transmitted through the ink, that is why now they put the ink in small containers and throw them out after one use.  The fear of contracting a disease from needles and tattoos lessened and more people got tattoos, this changed the social acceptance of tattoos.  This is very important because the dynamics as to why people got tattoos also shifted because the fear of a disease was gone.  


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