CDSC #2 Headphones

Tabitha Farthing

Russotti, J. S., and United States. Naval Medical Research Development Command. Sonar Headphone Selection for Optimum Performance : An Overview. Groton, CT: Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, 1995. Print. Report (Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory) ; No. 1197.

This report by the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory outlines the importance of the acoustic performance of headphones in the signal clarity of sonar systems.  The purpose is to demonstrate the need for upgrading this technology used in the military.  The document proposes, “Reduction of noise levels in sonar spaces to permit use of better headphone designs is a highly desirable solution.  Recent developments in active noise canceling headsets show promise as an interim solution.”  This government document provides many illustrations, photographs, and graphs to show the affect of headphone design on signal transmission.

This document relates to the other texts I have collected because it shows the significance of headphone use in the military.  It also mentions the noise canceling ability of headphones, which is used in a positive sense with this specific application of the technology.  Instead of merely blocking out noise in social environments, the report emphasizes the practical use as a necessary safety measure.  This alters my direction of thinking because it shows a clear beneficial application of headphones, while before I was focusing more on the downsides of the technology.  This leads me to the question of what other practical uses of headphones there may be, other than transmitting sound to an individual for entertainment or escape from social environments.


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