Guided Writing


What value system defines progress

  • The value of music. If people greatly value music, then the ability to play recorded music is one of great importance. This kind of thinking would outweigh the negatives by the ideology that music is more valuable then the environmental impacts of record players
  • Vinyl lovers would view the continuation of record players as one that is classical and continues history. Those that love sound of vinyl are stuck in the classical and cool aspect of it.


What value system is the opposite of progress.

  • Those that view record players as wasteful. Since at this point there are more advanced methods that require less material. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to waste the materials on record players when there are more efficient options
  • The value system of them being as finicky and not important. They no longer serve a role and are outdated technology.

Value to music vs. Wasteful: This interaction between record players value and the amount of wastefulness is one that is the root of the question what doe they add to culture. The record player was around for over a century and allowed people to do so much but now is becoming outdated. There’s no question that the iPod or other such devices are just more efficient for what they both do. The wastefulness and practicality of printing off a vinyl record compared to the ability to add music files to your IPod is one that is obvious to which one is more wasteful.

Most interesting: The most fascinating thing that I can thing of is the general design of record players from the phonograph all the way to the modern turntable is generally unchanged. Obviously the modern turntable has had small parts simplified to allow for a smaller product, however the main parts and mechanism for sound production is the same over a hundred years apart. This seems abnormal as modern technologies such as cell phones go through such a rapid change of being considered modern and then 5 years later even they are considered outdated. The systems that cause them to work no longer can keep up with other technology. However, it seems that record players have generally stayed the same way.



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