In-Class: Value Systems

Value Systems: Is it progress or is not?

  • Progressive: The mattress provides progress through the way it allows one to gain a better night’s rest. It provides the body time to recuperate from the long day and transmit more neurons throughout the body more easily. Beds are now more than just “one size fits all” and there are many options for certain sleeping habits. Softer, harder, more elevated, smaller, larger, there are some that even have capabilities to emit pulses to calm the body. The mattress has come a long way from being a wooden plank.
  • Non-progressive: The mattress is becoming more and more synthetic and using materials that are hard to recycle. There are still many people who do not have access to a bed and have to sleep on the ground. So while it is progressive in some areas, in others it is detrimental, exposing workers to chemicals as they create synthetic latex, the main material for creating a mattress.

Put the two Together: Providing others a good night’s rest while others are staying awake trying to make a living

  • While beds allow people a better rest, it’s only the consumers that reap the benefits. Those who are in factories and creating the materials to make the beds most likely do not have a good place to sleep as they are working in low paying factory jobs.
  • To help alleviate the problem, mattresses should use more natural materials and provide those working for them a higher pay. Although it will be a bit more expensive to create a more natural bed, it will create a better economic system. Factories could also be run with a smaller amount of workers so they don’t have to have such a diluted pay rate. Although this will be getting rid of some people’s jobs, it also encourages those to look for a better education, to strive more than just a factory job. The world needs more people in the STEM field, not more factory workers.

What is the most interesting?

  • What I think is interesting is that the places that complain the most about not having a good night’s sleep are those in the first world countries although based on a study, the average sleep in the world is about the same. But more people in China or USA for instance are complaining about having bad sleep, while those in more rural or third world countries are not complaining as much, although India has quite a few of those voicing of loss of sleep.


-Racheal Cortner


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