In Class Writing

  • Tattoo Guns: Values

Less pain: I think less pain is a positive progress for tattoo guns.  Before the electric gun tattoos were done by poking a needles and then rubbing ink over it, now with the tattoo gun the needle is poked in faster and is less painful.  I think part of getting a tattoo is the pain of it, so eliminating all the pain is not okay because you would be taking away a part of what makes a tattoo a tattoo.  But with the new guns artists can do add more detail and be more precise.  Because it is less painful now and more accessible, it has lead to more people getting tattoos and younger people getting tattoos.  This has also lead to people getting a tattoo that they regret in the long run because it was a rash decision they made one night.  This has lead to a new business of tattoo cover ups.  Another negative thing is that tattoo removal is very very painful.  You may just get a tattoo for fun and think it doesn’t hurt that bad and then hate is a couple years later and want to get it removed but getting it removed is a much more painful process.  

  • Progress vs. Not progress:

The progress behind it is the speediness and minimal pain behind getting a tattoo.  The not progress is people making bold decisions without really thinking about it.  How do you draw the line between these?  Do you just say that people are dumb that make that mistake and it sucks to be them?  Or do you feel bad for them and feel that it isn’t their fault?  The issue did start when electric tattoo guns were brought into the picture because now you could get a tattoo in 10 minutes and not that bad of pain.  Because of this people would just get tattoos for fun and not think about it.  So this timing of it is a big part of the issue.

  • Most Interesting:

The most interesting thing I have learned is the art behind what tattoos were.  The book I got to look at in MASC was very very interesting to me.  I loved looking at the tribal marks and reading about what each one symbolized.  I also am just really fascinated in the whole tattoo process.  How the needle makes holes and ink is dropped in.  And how they use a gun with multiple needles to do shading and all the technique behind it.  Also the advancements with tattoos is never ending, people are always coming up with new ways to do things.


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