Class Writing 11/9/2016

Set of value systems to determine if progress

-Does it make like more enjoyable for a majority of people?

            Later developments of the transistor led to the computer and other related electronics, which are king of entertainment now.

Does it make life easier for a majority of people?

            Computers are more user friendly than typewriters, but they technically do the same job for the most part. (From a workplace perspective)

How do you have to perceive this tech to see as not progress

-What are the environmental impacts of the transistor technology development?

            As they got smaller you could pack more logic circuits in the same area of space. But instead of making computers small, efficient and easily recyclable consumers came up with different things to do with computers, which in turn demanded more from the computer, which meant that computers became worse and worse for the environment.

Do we need the transistor to make the same progress as a society?

            We all have old people in our life who think that ways of doing things from long ago are automatically better than the way that we do things now. I still have grandparents who refuse to get a cell phone or internet at their house, and who think that the rise of things like Facebook will be the undoing of everyone.


Did the development of the transistor make life easier for a majority of people in the United States? Did we as a society need the development of the transistor in order to make social progress?

It is easy to immediately come to the conclusion that technology, and by extension the invention of the transistor, make all of our lives easier. Computers work for us in many ways, and although the 1950’s goal of helper robots in every house to make life simple did not come through, many things from simple automation to more recently driving have taken grunt work out of some of the hands of people. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Although we all hate having to pay an arm and a leg for a cab, a self-driving car is not going to be making quite as much as it’s human counterpart.

These days, a lot happens on the internet. Since everything is so electronic now, there’s a lot more information being patched in for all to see. What impact does things like social media have on our society? Are old people right in saying that people were nicer before the invention of it?

Most compelling thing-

I thought it was amazing that the transistor was the replacement for the vacuum tube, and it replaced it because the vacuum tube had reached as high as it was capable of being pushed in computing technology. By extension, had we discovered the concepts that make the transistor possible one hundred years earlier, we could have been one hundred years farther along with computers.

Connor Gill


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