Class Writing for Stage 3


Positive Progress:

Many companies are creating new kinds of trash bags that will decompose faster or are made of recycled plastics.

Other countries have started to charge people for not recycling or composting properly, which is eliminating the excess amount of trash and trash bags in land fills. This system makes people actually think on where this item is going if I throw it away and what the consequences are. Even though they might be more afraid of the monetary price tag of improperly disposed of waste rather than the environmental impact each trash bag full of waste, the system gets the job done and makes people think about what is happening to our environment each time you throw something away.

Negative Progress:

More and more people are finding it to easy to just throw items that they either don’t like or don’t need because of the easy access of the trash bag disposal and the disposal systems that are taking the trash from people.

Positive + Negative Progress:

With countries, primarily the US, mass producing nearly every little toy, game, food, and electronic people start mass producing waste. Whether this waste is planned or perceived it always ends up in either a trash bag or trash can. People today have the tendency to buy every new thing that comes out on the market, for example everyone always wants the new cell phone from Apple that comes out every six months. With this want for everything new and improved, all of the current items that they possess eventually find their way into a landfill. However, they don’t take these individual items to the landfills themselves, they use a household technology that is always over looked and thought of being

Most Compelling:

 The early forms of how people use to treat their waste has probably been the most compelling topic that I have discovered so far. The way that people would just taking their garbage and waste and throw it out on the curb causing many diseases. Cities would be riddled with diseases because of the population of the city and the entire population dumping their trash on the streets and curbs. Those that lived outside of cities would not experience these diseases like the bubonic plague. What is even more striking is the

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