“Guns Offer New York Teen-Agers A Commonplace” New York Times


Though I was unable to figure out a way to add a picture of this news article from the New York Times, it is a very interesting read if you are interested! Though short and to a point this article goes into a conversation with a teenager on the streets. The young man insist that he doesn’t just want a gun, he needs one too to be safe. “What happens one night if I’m standing on a corner and something goes down and I don’t have one?” This specific quote baffles me. This young teen feels unsafe to walk around, and his idea of safety comes from a gun.

The article continues by interviewing a police officer who was known for investigating the illegal trafficking of guns. When asked, he responded “If you ask me if every 14-year old has a gun the answer is no. Does every other 14-year old have a gun? The answer is yes.” If that doesn’t show how much our younger generations are being affected by firearms, I don’t know what does.


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