In Class Write

  • Value Systems

One value system with the ultrasound would be access. Access is currently trying to be increased in order to help those who do not have the ability to receive ultrasounds do to money or location. If a small portable machine were created it would open new doors to who could access these units.

Another value system would be privacy, as it is a medical device, we tend to like to keep our medical records to ourselves. However this has expanded in the fact that people want to share their unborn child’s gender, and share pictures taken by the ultrasound. This opens a new door to how much medical information in these cases should be shared. If one person shares it then another is bound to do the same because society will create a trend where if you do not share this information it will be seen as going against the crowd.

  • Progress vs. Non progress

The value of access creates progress throughout society, as it is increasing culture for the better, while privacy is not progressing societies culture for the best. Privacy is being taken away by the social trends we as society put in place. Culture is always progressing, but not always for the better aspect of things. When you have a technology that creates good and bad progress are they working towards the same goal? Probably not, the ultrasound machine brings up various points of confusion about what will be best for culture. Culture is a controversial subject in the fact of making progress or not as it can have conflicting viewpoints. In conclusion increasing the access to the technology is making progress, however the privacy that is being taken away is not making any progress.

  • Most interesting

The most interesting thing I have learned is how intense people have become about gender parties. The ultrasound machine has lead to being able to tell the gender of the unborn child, which has created an uprising of celebration. However it is fascinating because there are still some couples who do not wish to know or see the sex of the baby, and therefore our culture is pushing them to be outsiders. It is seen as weird and strange when one wishes to keep it a secret until birth because we have the technology created to find out beforehand. It is interesting that just this technology can create so much pressure on people.

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