In-Class Write: Trains

Value Comparison

Often taught to look around and see process, yes it is process (value system), in what ways would you have to perceive no progress

Value System: Progress-Working and Expanding Sense

Connecting communities, across the nation and throughout different states, the railway transportation system has vastly hastened and made transportation of farther distances more feasible to the masses. With this being said, individuals are not limited to the region that they reside in and are able to expand their horizons and further contribute to society.

Not only does the railway system aid in the transportation in individuals, but it also facilitated the growth of trade, both international and within the nation. The widespread use of bulk transportation made it easier for businesses to expand their reach as well as their products now had a mode of transport to just about anywhere within the nation.


Value System: No Progress-Always Changing, but Are We Keeping Up?

As technology improves the question always remains of what happens after the previous model has past its usefulness and become obsolete? Within recent years many tragic accidents have occurred where newer technology could have prevented such unnecessary disasters, like the implementation of speed-sensing brakes able to stop the cars if they are approaching a bend at an unsafe speed. The question remains, when as a society are we obligated to update such technologies if the newer model is beneficial to everyone as a whole? What holds us back? Resources such as time or money?

Even as useful as urban railway transportation is, there is always the element of danger that lurks in the shadows. Time and time again we see incidents where citizens have been struck by the transportation either out of ignorance or plain unfortunate circumstances. This fear has somewhat stigmatized the use of railway transportation as tragedies are portrayed in countless media outlets, such as films and books.  This actually relates to first value system.


Most Compelling Thing I’ve Learned, Why Does it Stand Out:

Within the railway systems that I have researched, such as the FrontRunner in Salt Lake City, Utah, the upkeep and preservation of not only the previous systems but for the current system itself seems like a fairly high priority. In order not to waste materials, older cars that couldn’t be refurbished and used for regular use were instead broken down and resourced for parts that could be of use to other cars that are currently running in the system.

-Brittney Berry

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