More Loss for More Gain

In this article, the author tells the story of a woman who chose to have more of her leg amputated than necessary so she could be fitted with a more comfortable prosthetic. By choosing to have a below the knee amputation, the patient was able to have a custom prosthetic made for her that allowed her to walk comfortably and return to a sense of normality. Many members of the patient’s family did not understand why she would choose to have more of her body taken away. However, the patient ultimately made the decision for herself. Another patient chose to have an increased amputation so he could return to an active lifestyle.

Although many people question decisions like this, in the end, it is up to the patient to decide what happens to their body. The article explains that many patients become so comfortable with their prosthetics that they really have no desire for it to look lifelike. Other patients choose and are able to return to an active lifestyle, similar to the one they knew pre-medical trauma. Prosthetics nowadays are becoming so technologically advanced that they are allowing certain soldiers with upper body amputations to return tot their assigned jobs.

Read the article here: A Once Unthinkable Choice for Amputees


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