Annotated Bibliography|New York Times Article Trains

Neuman, W. (2007, Aug 02). Safety violations cited for deaths in subway work.New York Times (1923-Current File) Retrieved from

In this article it discusses the multiple fatal accidents that occurred in relation to the Brooklyn subway system; however, the incidents were due to human error rather than a railroad system error. Three separate incidents were cited in this article where the lack of communication and blatant disregard for safety protocol. This relates to the negative cultural influence and stigma around trains as dangerous because usually the media sensationalizes the tragic incidents when the trains, railway systems, or obsolete mechanisms cause the accidents. Due to widely recognized stereotypes that categorize railway transportation as a safety hazard, less of the population is inclined to use it, especially the younger generations.

However in this article the highlighted aspect is the reality that human error is just as dangerous as system error and due to human negligence and disregard for safety regulations, fatalities ensued. Questions that arise out of this article include: How many railway related deaths are purely at the fault of the public? Why do these incidents not receive the same amount of coverage as tragedies? Is it to respect the ones that passed on and their families or because those stories don’t attract as much attention as the  misfortunes?


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