News Article: Mattresses

Common Folk, Too, Can Have Mattress Trouble: 1992 – New York Times PDF:

The newspaper discusses that although there are now mattresses that provide comfort to more sleeping styles, there are now so many that one could spend many hours, maybe even weeks trying to find the correct one. And once a consumer thinks they found the right mattress, when they take it home (with a moving fee attached) it’s more than likely that the mattress is less comfortable once the few minutes of testing the mattress at the store is increased to a full night’s sleep. Then the consumer has to return the product back to the store, but not without another fee of moving the mattress again as the whole process is repeated. Thus providing an insight into how the market works and how the companies are able to get the most money out of the customers without them realizing howmuch they are actually paying until all is said and done. In modern times, everything is about moving forward as quickly and cheaply as possible while gaining maximum revenue.


Racheal Cortner


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