Progress or Pity?

In this article, the author falsifies a picture that has recently been widely shared on the internet. The image depicts a group of women posing with their prosthetic legs, text on the image reads, “Let’s not forget our wounded female veterans. Respect.” This caption disturbs me on a few different levels. First, all veterans should be respected and none of them should ever be forgotten. It shouldn’t matter that a man or woman got wounded, any other healthy veteran should receive the upmost respect for serving their country. We shouldn’t take pity on a group of people who are fighting all odds and recovering from traumatic injury.

As it turns out, the image was actually from a charity calendar shoot, the women volunteered to be models and none of them were veterans. In fact, they were a group of Brazilian women from a variety of different careers. However, the purpose of the calendar shoot was for a good cause: to raise money for people who need prosthetics but cannot afford them. The photographs taken during the shoot were aimed at reminding patients that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that a prosthetic allows a person to fight back, to regain normality and strength.

Read the article here: Fashion Warriors


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