Stage 3

Yes it is progress

       The ease of use- the cellphone has made communication faster and easier for everyone

       Accessibility- news from around the world is available to people through their smartphones. They can receive breaking news in seconds where as people used to be required to carry mail across the country to deliver news.

       Globalization- not only have phones brought people together, but people in countries outside of the US are provided work through these companies


       Environmental impact- the phone involves many harmful substances that are either poisonous to us or simply substances that will no decompose.

       Personal- communication has gotten much less personal throughout the evolution of cellphones



Communication has been made easier, quicker, and more accessible to everyday people. However, with more people going to cell phones, there are more cellphones needed to satisfy the growing market and demand. Where do these phones end up when there are no longer wanted or of use? Phones today have many recyclable parts, but there are also many parts that are non-biodegradable and are harmful to people working around them as well as just the environment. As the demand goes us, companies are meeting the demands. As more phones come out, more are being thrown aside for new ones. Our consumeristic world shows the progress of phones easily, but once they are gone from our use, phones take us back a few steps also.


I like seeing the technologies that the smartphone has replaced. It’s easy to see the progress when the evolution of communication is seen also. I like seeing the complex systems that were in place before the smartphone/cellphone and now looking at the different complex system that has replaced it. Computers that used to be on desks are now more advanced, but held in our hands. That is pretty impressive.

Today in class I talked about how i am looking at phones through a health lens as well as a cultural lens. Looking at phones through the health perspective it is easy to see that phones can contribute to health factors such as hearing loss, tendinitis, and is even said to contribute to cancer (which I am not sure if I believe). Through the cultural perspective it is easy to see the progress that phones have played in connecting communication from one side of the globe to another. Phones have made communication easier for all kinds of people.

Can phones, and other electronics, affect the quality and length of someone’s sleep?

Yes, I will look into this for sure. I have seen several surveys on this issue, which ask teenagers (in particular) about their nightly cellphone habits. I was also considering researching into the addictive iPhone light, that makes it hard to put the phone down.

THESIS: When looking at the health issues that arise from use and overuse of phones, phones have not been helpful. They have caused many issues to arise, however the proper, minimal use of the phone has greatly improved nation wide and world wide communication.

              The style of the first author was to take overly simplified things and show the reader how complex and important they are. She did this first with the wooden spoon. She first acknowledged the simplicity of the spoon, but then dove into all the design and science behind it that make it such an amazing and well used technology. Her style was to show something ordinary in a very different view. By asking a lot of question throughout the introduction she was forcing the reader to notice the complexity of the technology. Her tone was casual which allowed her to connect with the reader on a more real level. She would joke about how a wooden spoon is just a spoon, this would give her credibility because she was not just jumping straight into how amazing the wooden spoon is. She would hold her reader’s attention by approaching the discussed technologies in a casual light (usually how they are viewed today) and then she would challenge that view by showing the reader that there is in fact much more to the spoon, the fork, or whatever technology is being discussed.

              The style of Bichell was simply to tell the facts. She would tell the facts from the surveys and the statistics of other countries’ and their eggs. Her tone was factual and playful. Although her article was simply reporting was she found, she did joke with the reader about Americans’ rigorous requirements for their eggs. I thought that this balance was good. She compared the beautiful American (North American) eggs with the natural, safer European eggs.

              I think that out of the two authors, I like the style of the first author better. I will try and adapt a more casual tone. And I want to view the technology not only as an impressive technology, but also in the everyday view of it.


Although the cellphone has been a major leap forward in the realm of communication, the cellphone has been a big contributor to health hazards. A wide range of concerns have evolved within the last 20 years involving the phone. Hearing loss, severe second degree burns, and distraction leading to vehicle accidents have been all been problems.


Cell phones are simply devices we use to call our loved ones. They allow us to check the weather and look up accidents on the road that may prevent us from getting to our destination safely and on time. They entertain us in school when we do not feel like being in class. Although cell phones seem to be just a harmless technology that we use to our benefit, we must ask ourselves, is the cell phone harmless? What is the downside to the cellphone? It offers us so many benefits, but what are the risks? Many health studies regarding the phone in the last decade have erupted. There are health risks. So the consumer must decide if the benefits gained from a cell phone are work the potential risks.


It is a type of bullying when children slap another random kid, or someone they know, in the face while recording their reactions with their phones.


Happy-slapping is a type of bullying when children slap a random kid, or someone they know, in the face while the bully records how the victim reacts.


The letter is written in beautiful calligraphy, like Davis wanted his wife to see the meaning of his message behind the letters themselves.


Davis wrote the letter in beautiful calligraphy, like he wanted his wife to see the meaning of his message behind the letters themselves.


Apple is paying for her surgery to fix her arm and even offered her a replacement phone.


Apple offered to pay for the surgery to fix her arm and for a replacement phone.


Research says that driving with on the phone (handsfree or texting) DISTRACTS the driver and that is the problem.


Research proves that driving with on the phone (handsfree or texting) DISTRACTS the driver and that is the problem.



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