Senate Unit Raises Spy-Satellite Fund

This article talks about a space program gaining traction due to the space race between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. during the cold war. Ever since the Soviets had successfully beat the Americans into space with satellites, people were afraid of satellite technology being used to spy on the country. With this fear in mind the U.S. doubled its efforts to catch up. Out of the fear also came a possible plan to allocate funds into a program that would research how to take out enemy spy satellites, however the idea was quickly shot down. The article shows just how much satellites shaped the face of a war, instead of people looking across a land, their eyes were now set to the skies. Despite the fact that they still have not been made, satellite weapons have been a fear of people’s ever since satellites were built even though their technology was much farther from building a space weapon than we are currently.


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