Snopes Article

Trains and Pennies

This article debunks the myth that a penny placed on railroad tracks will cause the train to derail. After explaining a small bit of the background to this myth, the author goes on to warn others not put pennies on track, not because of potential train derailment but for the safety of the individual. Several unfortunate examples are given as to what tragedies can be avoided by not wondering around railway tracks as many have died because they have been struck by said trains. This article relates back to perceptions of trains and their dependability and whether or not the public is safe on them. Obviously at the time of origin for this myth many must not have has must confidence in the reliability of train safety or their to remain on their tracks if a penny could derail them. This relates back to how the public views trains and their safety as this is an ever increasing issue due to recent events were tragedies involving trains could have been avoided.


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