Snopes Articles and in-class Research

Is it progress or not?


  • Progressive: The movement of writing systems is progress in the sense that technology is being renewed and new items are being invented in order to make our lives easier. The new eBooks opens up a new world full of books that many people would otherwise not have any access to. It definitely has become the “library for anyone”. You don’t even have to leave your couch in order to buy a new book.
  • Non-progressive: Because of these progressive movements, that does not mean that it is progressive in the sense that it is limiting the use of the world’s materials. These new items take up more materials than any of the past inventions that proposed the same task did. These new items are using much more than just paper and a little bit of plastic as most books were made of. An excessive amount of plastic, metal, lithium batteries, tin and glass. It is a waste of our world’s resources and needs to be put to a stop. The true value of books is going unrecognized and forgotten by many.


Put two value systems together and try to find a mode of analysis. How would I go about this?


I don’t know how I would exactly put these two value systems together as they are very much the opposite. However, if I were to find a median in these two viewpoints and tried to justify both sides at the same time, I would argue that these new inventions are both progressive to the public eye, as it allows readers for easier access to a multitude of books without leaving their couch. It also saves many trees and paper in the process of replacing physical books with online books instead. While doing so, as all of these aspect are great, these items take away from the morality of books and physical, handheld paperbacks. Also, libraries are being shut down as they are no longer used as frequently. Bookstores such as borders have gone out of business solely for the fact that they no longer have need for such large bookstores when hardily as many people visit these stores to buy a book anymore. For environmental purposes, it limits the amount of paper used significantly, however it uses up more natural resources and space in landfills than ever before.


What has been the most interesting thing that I have found over the course of my research?


The most interesting thing that I have found is how much technology of printed press has actually changed over the past 50 years or so. Type writers seem like such a very old and ancient product; however, the fact of the matter is that our parents used such items when they were kids.


Snopes Articles:


Amazon lowered book prices and compensated people who bought these books for the amount that it was decreased by. Lawsuits were formed against Apple and Amazon. Kind of a weird situation and confusing for many Amazon customers, which is another reason why these eBooks are less reliable than regular books.


Mandatory update for kindle users is causing trouble for these users. Many people like the way that their kindle was operating before the update, however they are being forced to update it as they will no longer be able to read their books without this update nor download any new ones.



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