Progress Writing, along with Article and Computer Urban Legend


  • Artificial Intelligence research has made progress in many ways, such as bringing computers into existence, which has benefitted the world in the efficiency of the workplace, getting news out, keeping people connected, and many other things.
  • Research has brought interesting innovations such as automation systems for houses, self-driving cars, things that would have been unimaginable in the past.

No Progress

  • There is a current obvious failure of imagination and creativity keeping the science of Artificial Intelligence from breaking through the roof, giving us the necessary tools to create superhuman, intelligent robots that can feel, think, and problem-solve just like a human can.
  • More work on a field of machine learning.
  • People are afraid of the idea that creating artificial intelligence is unethical.


Working through the Limits

  • Innovation needs to happen. The more research and intelligent minds get set on this task, the more we start to see more progress made in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  It is a growing field, that is just merely at its birth, and needs to be nurtured and raised until the field explodes and opens up.  The fact that humans have created computers and other forms of semi-intelligent machinery is progress, and we just need to keep moving toward that direction.
  • I am a Computer Science major, so there is a ton about this type of field that interests me. Does the idea of programming machinery to be able to carry out functions that a human can do and think the way a human can think not intrigue anyone?  I have a feeling that many of these things will be a part of my carrier in the future, so I do try to explore these things.

This article debunks an urban legend about accidently logging into a specific website.  Revealed to be a hoax, the legend said that if anyone logged into the website, their computer and absolutely all of the files in the computer would automatically become property of the government.  The origin of this legend came from an allegation that by logging into the website, the user agreed that the computer they were using could now be considered government property, when in reality they were just misinterpreting the true details of the “Privacy Act and Security Statement.”

There are many urban legends similar to this out there, but they all go to show how despite the fact that computers have now become an essential part of daily life, there is a frightening side to them, that you are storing your personal information on the Internet or on a device that could be stolen by some outside hacker, or the government.  As ridiculous as it sounds at first, the volume of urban legends surrounding this idea goes to show that people do fear putting their complete trust in their computers.

This article does the same thing, however, it was reporting historically true information, which further pushed the idea that the Internet and computers may not be the safest place for information.


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