Snopes Headphones

Tabitha Farthing

LaCapria, Kim. “Buds Zapper.” Snopes, 7 July 2015, #!. Accessed 9 Nov. 2016.

This source addresses the claim that a girl died of electrocution by wearing earbuds plugged into an iPhone while it was charging. It shows an image of the supposedly electrocuted girl. The author disputes the credibility of the news story by showing that the same headline circulated on several other news sites at the same time, in different countries, with varying details. I found the news story very humorous, for it is clearly fake, using unprofessional language and lacking in emotion. This story reveals society’s innate fear of technology and electricity as something foreign to its basic understanding of how things work.

This source offers a new dimension to the understanding of my topic: the emotional response to the technology. It reveals the fear associated with headphones with something as outlandish as electrocution resulting from their use. This allows me to investigate other possible fears that stem from headphone use, some which may be valid, such as hearing loss and inattentive walking or driving.


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