Snopes : “Phoney Guns”

This article in Snopes reports that guns disguised as phones are becoming a real thing to worry about. Though it hasn’t yet reached the US , officials have been briefed about their possibilities.

“This criminal invention represents a potentially serious threat to law enforcement and the public,” said U.S. Customs Service Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. “We received word about these guns last month. We have since alerted our field personnel to be on the lookout for ‘cell phone guns’ at U.S. ports of entry.”

Personally I think this is ridiculous. If there are such inventions like this, it makes you wonder why would someone make such a thing? Is it for the pure joke of it? Or could you jump to the conclusion that people are inventing these to try and deceive people? Either way, now officials have to pay more attention to these weapons. If they do enter the US boarders, people are going to have to be even more cautious. Now not only do people have to worry about discrimination from police officers, but worry that officers will mistake their phones for this phoney gun. What would stop their argument from saying they did see one?

However considering that my topic is guns, I am left wondering what type of materials would go into this particular gun. How would the parts work together, to look like a phone on the outside and then slide to form the right formation for a gun? Though it seems like a crazy invention I am interested to see how it would work, maybe in the next Bourne movie not real life.


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