Snopes Research

This Snopes article about a misfortunate wearer of a bra holster reveals the bra’s potential use for concealed weapons storage. This idea of equipping the bra with pockets or places to put self-defense items seems like a step in the right direction for protecting women from violence and sexual predation. However, in this scenario, the woman did not get to benefit from this technology, as the gun fired, killing her. The bra-holster does not eliminate the risks arising from improper manipulation of weaponry by the owner.

While a bra-holster may be useful to very few women, the bra’s function as a pocket can be used to store money, ID/debit/credit cards, and cell phones, which many women, myself included, have taken advantage of at some point or another. Reading this article however had me rethinking cell phone storage…

In this article, a young woman, who had been carrying her phone in her bra for several years got breast cancer approximately in the area where her phone had been stored. She had no risk factors for the disease. Scientists hypothesized that the radio waves from the phone, coupled with the phone’s close proximity to the breast, caused the cancer, but there have been no studies that suggest a clear link between cell phone bra storage and breast cancer.

Perhaps the bra’s usage as a pocket should be reconsidered. If the breasts are that sensitive (after all, no one hears about leg or buttocks cancer from storing the cell phone in a pants pocket) what else could they be sensitive to?


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