Thoughts from class today-

Cultural Life:

-2 that say progress

-2 that say not progress


The gun technology has come a very long way since the early invention of them. They have become more advanced and safer than they ever were. Our militaries are more equipped. There are more options for household firearms, that are smaller for the average consumer. People get a sense of safety from the firearm.

Not Progress:

There has been an overuse of the right to bear arms. People have started to show their inhumane and downright evil nature from guns. They have been on our media now more than ever and it brings into question how “safe” they really can be. Their very nature is to cause harm and destruction, which makes one think if such a harmful device should be in the hands of every day individuals. If they weren’t out there at all, would people still feel the need to have them in their homes for protection? Now it brings into question, especially in the US if police officers should be in possessions of firearms, and when does it cross the line for them to actually use them. Now police departments are spending more money on cameras for every officer to make sure they are using their weapon correctly. Would they still need to spend this money if guns weren’t in the scenario?

The difficult thing to ask now is which one really outweighs the other. Is the basic safety of others worth giving up their basic right to bear arms. Or is bearing arms more important than the violence that has come from it. There are the laws that protect people from shooting when someone enters their home, or in the case of Trayvon Martin that somehow protects the man’s idea that the innocent man had some kind of weapon in his possession. Where does it start to cross the line. Why do police get away with so much. The power differential that lies between authority and the average day person.

  • How much of a difference in advertising men and women receive in general and when it comes to Guns. ( the pink gun, the way women are portrayed as victims in order to sell the guns, having to protect their family, blonde middle aged women in advertisements)
  • The percentage of Americans that are buying firearms for the sheer protection aspect that they think they will get from it. In the world we live in the cycle of needing protection, to that right basically giving access to firearms that should not have firearms in the first place.

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