Value Systems

Progress is happening- Big improvement to modern healthcare. The new MRI technology is safer and more advanced than previous technologies used for anatomical imaging. It has made the diagnosis process much more accurate and easier for physicians.

This is the opposite of progress- It is a huge financial burden. Some physicians use MRIs as an unnecessary diagnostic technique to acquire more profit from naïve patients.

The pros of the MRI machine certainly outweigh the cons. The MRI is such a huge component of modern medicine and technology. Without it, we would be taking dozens of steps backwards in the advancement of medical practices. The MRI is essential to the diagnosis process of patient healthcare. It is the most innovative and precise imaging method doctors are able to use. Financial costs and reasoning for its use definitely pose serious problems in society, but these issues simply cannot compare to the importance of the MRI. It is too widely used and relied on to discontinue its overall use for patient care.

The most compelling aspect of the MRI that I have learned about is definitely the hidden motives some physicians have behind using the MRI. Learning that some doctors require patients to get an MRI even though they do not actually need one is a dejecting thing to see. Profiting off of someone else’s obliviousness and illness is completely unacceptable. Astonishingly enough, this malpractice is prevalent all over the country, yet so few people know about it.

– Janae Leach


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