Value Systems


2 progress-Build community through nationwide television

Satellites have allowed television networks to broadcast to entire nations, and even across the planet. News networks such as CNN, FOX, and BBC have taken advantage of this to quickly spread news that is happening around the world and to even, in some cases, influence their audiences through use of biased reporting.

Allow for increased development of technology

Satellites, while a huge technological advance on their own, have allowed for the development of many technologies that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Some of the biggest advances include GPS systems, which are used by almost everyone on the planet, and outer space telescopes, which are used by astronomers to explore the galaxy without leaving the planet.

2 badPossible eventual danger to environment with “satellite graveyards”

So far the best way to dispose of satellites seems to be with satellite graveyards. These graveyards are in the Pacific Ocean and in a deep orbit around the earth. For now the broken satellites are out of sight out of mind, however eventually these graveyards may become massive balls of metal that could possibly harm the ocean environment or, with the right prompting, could come hurtling towards the earth and cause mass destruction.

Build a dependence on technology

Thanks to the incredible technological advances that satellites have given us, we have become very dependent on technology. If satellites all of the sudden stopped working our communication to other parts of the world would be greatly limited.

Which outweighs the other? The pros of satellites definitely seem to outweigh the cons. While our dependence on technology may increase as it is developed through satellites, the problem of satellite graveyards may be fixed through a technology that has yet to be introduced.

My favorite thing I’ve researched so far are the cultural impacts of satellites on science fiction and how people seem to think that satellites are much more powerful than they actually are. Even when satellites were in their infancy movies and TV shows depicted them as these all powerful technologies that could destroy a country or even find a person no matter where they are.


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