Snopes Article

Mikkelson, David. “Pins and Needles.” Snopes, 19 Oct. 2013,

This article is about tainted Halloween candy. The author discusses the reports of hypodermic needles being found in Halloween candy, intended to harm the person who eats it. This is an urban legend, that in some cases has actually proven to be true, that has led to a stigma surrounding needles. The fear of finding needles in Halloween candy leads to a fear surrounding needles generally. The author explains how the insertion of a needle into candy is meant to cause harm, but not death, unlike poisoning candy. However, these cases have caused people to fear needles, illustrating the types of fearful reactions urban legends regarding needles can generate. Although the needle has produced hope in the medical community, this article demonstrates the other reactions that can result from the hypodermic needle.


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