Stage 2 and 3 Notes

by Riley Kopp

GPS to detect Planar surfaces



The report describes a new found use of GPS to allow buildings to be identified based off of location and a picture from the phone’s camera. The report also describes some of the image recognition methods such as the army’s RANSAC visual processing program.

Implementation and Critique:

The report describes one use specifically which describes the way tourists could use this application and some excitement squeaks through the author’s formal tone for a moment which I can use to add to the idea that people are excited about the prospects of GPS.


GPS receiver patent



This is the original patent describing the receiver circuit and logic of the GPS in old Motorola cell phones. It also includes a small abstract about the actual early GPS satellite system.

Implementation and Critique:

I can reference this patent when I am describing how the global positioning system actually works and possibly later when I talk about the NSA’s tracking habits.


GPS is allowing people to steal from homes easier



People are afraid because thieves are stealing cars with gps embedded into them then using “Take me home” functions to drive the stolen car home and either break in and rob the house or steal other cars.

Crituiqe and Implementation:

I could try and use this to tie into the NSA scandal as a fear aspect of GPS.


Tracking Children with gps and  drug use.



This study used GPS to analyze where and how minors acquired and used illicit substances such as alcohol and marijuana.


I can use this as an example of how GPS tracking is being implemented to help create a stronger and safer community for children.


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