Stage One Sources

Memoirs of a social monster

In this 1786 novel, the story of a man who successfully evaded identification is told. Charles Price tricked everyone around him into believing he was someone else, and successfully stole money from his employer. This is relevant to microchips because if they were used to identify criminals, like Price, there would be no way people could avoid being positively identified.

Criminalistic Treatise: The Fingerprint Identification System

This treatise explains how early fingerprinting was done, and what made it successful in 1930. However, with each advancement in fingerprint identification there is an advancement in how to avoid it. This is seen in the burning off of fingerprints and gloves being worn during the crime. There is no way to alter the identification number of a microchip, and therefore, once a suspect is found, identifying the person who matches the evidence is much easier.


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