Secret Army of Slave Laborers

In this article, slave work at certain bed manufacturing are brought to attention. Once hired, workers were only being paid £10 a week while being forced to work up to 16 hours a day. When some workers wanted to leave, the company would withhold their information and cards so that they were not able to. Laborers were being promised £1,000 a month but when they arrived to work, they were placed in horrible conditions and were left to sleep in overcrowded, filthy buildings. Beds are a necessity and are made by all creatures, both for comfort and shelter. With so many beds being made around the globe, with beds lasting for about a decade or more, how are the business able to stay afloat? Even with all the trafficking, there is still many beds being created faster and in more abundance. To alleviate this problem, beds should start being made more naturally and with less workers. A smaller variety of mattresses should be reduced and made less complicated, such as being able to massage or tilt to certain degrees is not all that necessary. If someone wants to be propped up in bed, they can buy a pillow, not a whole different mattress to be dumped and wasted. Workers should not feel the need to have to work harder for a meager pay wage. Allowing less people in manufacturing could encourage some people to try and go to school and gain a degree so they can find better jobs and integrate more into the economy.


-Racheal Cortner


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