Snopes’ Analysis: Radio

Mikkelson, David. “Was Kato’s Nationality Changed After Pearl Harbor.” Was Kato’s Nationality Changed After Pearl Harbor? Snopes, 2014. Web. 13 Nov. 2016.

The article is an analysis of the claim that the Green Hornet radio show changed the nationality of the sidekick Kato from Japanese to Filipino after Pearl Harbor. The author claims that in the first two years of the show’s run from 1936 to 1938 Kato was stated to be Japanese. After the first two years, before Pearl Harbor, his nationality became unspecified. And after Pearl Harbor in December 1941, he would go on to be described as Filipino.

While this is not really related to the technology behind the radio, it is part of the culture behind it. Entertainment, especially in wartime, tends to portray a group in a negative light. Similar to how many modern movies make American soldiers fight against Russians or terrorists. By shifting Kato’s nationality from Japanese to Filipino it makes him a more sympathetic character in the eyes of the American public and would also make the producer less likely to face scrutiny for making a Japanese character the good guy in the midst of the war.


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