Snopes Articles – Antibiotics

FDA Bans Chemicals Used In Antibacterial Soaps as Ineffective

This first news article from Snopes reports that the FDA is cracking down on antibacterial soaps that include widely used antibacterial chemicals. These chemicals how not been proven to be more effective than the washing of hands with regular soap and water. Also, their continued use in antibacterial soaps promotes antibiotic resistance as bacterial stains have been exposed to these chemicals for years.

It’s fair to say that a majority of the general public has no idea that their overuse of antibacterial medicines and products have a small but quickly growing effect on surviving bacteria. Even though antibiotics represents hope and progress in the medical field and for humanity,  this article demonstrates the other more fearful reactions towards antibiotics.


This Snopes article debunks the myth that Syrian refugees fleeing to America brought along a flesh eating disease called “leishmaniasis”. There is always a big scare when large populations of immigrants gather in other countries, whether it is violence or disease.In this case, leishmaniasis doesn’t thrive well in America’s climate and risk of infection from person to person is low. However, this didn’t stop many Americans from developing feelings of paranoia towards this disease and further enforcing the dependence on antibiotics and other medications as the primary defense against these “scary and foreign” diseases.

This article illustrates the fears and paranoid feelings that go into the emotional response behind the overuse of antibiotics in American society. While I would also like to see what fears are associated with the use of antibiotics, this is an interesting addition to the relationship between antibiotics as a technology and society.

-Connor Hill



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