Stage Three Sources

Chip Me Not FAQ

The group Chip Me Not is against microchipping pets, with the central argument that microchips cause cancer. This fear is understandable, no person wants to put something in their pet, or maybe even in themselves, that could possibly kill them. However, the sources for this group’s fear are not used in context.

Microchipping of Animals

The American Veterinary Medical Association disproves the evidence given by Chip Me Not, and others, for the fear of cancer being caused by microchips. The AVMA clarifies that the studies that have related cancer to microchips were using laboratory mice and rats, which are inbred. When animals are as inbred as the mice and rats used, they have a higher risk of getting cancer, with or without microchips.

Mark of the Feast

This article disproves the rumors that those who used food stamps and welfare ATMs will have to be microchipped. There is no evidence of mandatory microchipping for any one, with the exception of the rumors, that are not based on any fact at all.

High-Tech Pet Pals; Technology: L.A. moves toward plan to implant computer microchips into animals so lost ones could be reunited with owners

This 1998 Los Angeles Times article highlights how people accepted and were happy about the Los Angeles recommendation to microchip all pets. This article is an example of how most people felt about microchips when they were still fairly new.

Ethical Issues Arise in Boom in Pet Microchips

While many people embraced the new technology of identification microchips, some were not. This 1999 New York Times article voices how those who were against the technology felt, while admitting that most accepted microchips.


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