Where do old mattresses go?

Old Mattresses:


Discussed in the article is where old mattress go once they are not in need anymore. The article is fairly positive and explains that there are parts of the mattress that gets striped and recycled while the rest of the mattress is disposed of. Some companies “bake” their mattresses to kill any bacteria so the mattress itself can be used again. Although this is a good alternative to just disposing of the mattress all together, it uses a lot of energy as the ovens are on almost constantly, emitting a lot of carbon into the air. Beds should instead be made from materials that can be easily decomposed and absorbed back into the earth. Similar to some cups being made of corn material instead of plastic. Many mattresses are disposed of when they’re in use for just a short amount of time. This is quite wasteful, especially if that mattress is then quickly burned. Being able to rebuild mattresses instead of just destroying them will also allow more jobs. Although, with this, those who have a business of making mattresses will begin to lose revenue as well, so there needs to be a good balance between creating and recycling mattresses, or companies need to have a business that can do both or even merge. By doing as such, less waste and pollution will be released into the atmosphere. But why hasn’t the idea of creating a more sustainable mattress been thoroughly thought about. There are some people that switch their mattresses every few years, while there are others that rarely, if ever, get a new mattress at all. Mattresses are quite a large product, so creating something at such size which can’t be recycled easily is going to add to the ever-growing waste problem.


Racheal Cortner


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