Cameras in Coat hooks

ALERT, ALERT: The Reason Why Is Scary If You Ever See THIS In Your Hotel Room, Call 911.

This article illustrates the reaction to an incident in Florida where police had found hidden spy cameras in coat hooks in hotels and woman’s restrooms in public places. The article describes how everyday objects can be used to hide small cameras in an inconspicuous way. Furthermore, these hidden camera coat hooks can be purchased online by anyone who wants one.

The article does not give say if they found who had put these cameras in the restrooms or if there was anyone whose picture or video was distributed in some way. The author uses an urgent tone to express his warning, making the message seem incredibly important and calling everyone to action. The article addresses what one should do if they see one of these coat hook cameras, but it is unclear if the police can track disable the cameras or track them back to whoever put them on the wall.

The tone of the article and diction used like “terrifying” and the hidden camera’s ability to “destroy your life” demonstrate the authors fear of these hidden cameras. The largest takeaway from this article is the public’s fear of others watching us without us knowing. In other words, we are terrified of the invasion of privacy without our consent. This most likely comes from the fear of the unknown; not knowing who is spying on you, not knowing their intentions, and not knowing what will happen with the photos of you.



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