Chinese Gender Predictor

Espinoza, Efrain. “Chinese Gender Predictor Accuracy | Chinese Gender Predictor 2016”. N.p., 2016. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.

In this article I found one interesting way that people use in order to predict the gender of a baby before the use of ultrasounds were around. The technique uses a chart that dates back ages, and is based off the Chinese lunar calendar. This technique could show alternatives to an ultrasound for those that fear the new technology. However the ultrasound is very accurate, where as, this technique is only guessing based off of.

This article is weak in a way that there is no real appeal for authority. There is a history given on the technique, however, the authors do not provide a way to tell that their sources are truly reliable. Nonetheless, there is a large audience appeal as many women can go on and find it interesting to try and see if this online generator can actually predict the sex. This raises issues throughout society though in the fact that this is just yet another tactic that is only focused on determining the gender.

This is interesting because unlike previous thoughts this shows that people did still care about guessing the gender of a child. This technique also leads to the idea that there are many wise tails out there. By finding one idea that someone has on determining the gender of a unborn baby it leads to the idea of other possibilities as well.  This leads to questions of could this be used instead of ultrasounds for those that fear them. Nonetheless, we know that this Chinese gender predicting theory is just a theory and not accurate.


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