Sourcemap – Mattress:

According to Sourcemap, Slovenska prostelja mattresses, a small company that produces Slovenian Mattresses, imports their latex materials from two different countries. From Bulgaria and Czech Republic, 80% of latex imported is synthetic leaving only 20% to be natural. Bed springs are then imported from Croatia with fabrics being provided by Italy. Although not all beds are made in this fashion, it will be very difficult to find a bed that is more natural compared to synthetic, even though latex is practically a new material, having been invented in 1920. Because of the boom in latex consumerism and production, some corporations have turned to slave labor to gain maximum revenue while spending as little as possible. Making beds with more local material will give those in the area with more jobs and can reduce the amount of pollution due to shipping. Although it is good importing allows jobs elsewhere, supporting one’s own economy will help enhance their own people. With beds being made with more synthetic latex instead of natural latex, which is a product made by plants, being able to recycle or dispose of the mattress will be quite difficult. Is synthetic material more comfortable to sleep on? Or is it mainly just for cost? And does using synthetic material allow less plants to be harvested and destroyed? Or will using less natural material in the product be more detrimental in the long run?


Racheal Cortner


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