Pay-Per-Bag (Technology in Practice)

By ROBERT HANLEYSpecial to The New,York Times. “Pay-by-Bag Trash Disposal really Pays, Town Learns.” New York Times (1923-Current file), New York, N.Y., 1988.


This article mentions one city’s method to try and reduce the amount of trash in their landfills. This method makes people pay for waste management fees per bag rather than an annual flat fee. Because of the pay per bag method people have become more aware of recyclable and compostable waste and limiting the amount of trash that just goes to the landfills.

I am using this source as a way to explain the advancements and improvements of trash disposal methods of people and cities throughout time. History has displayed very poor treatment and disposal methods of waste, so this plan to pay per bag really makes people think about their waste and where it is going to end up. Even though they are more aware of the monetary consequences this method brings, there are and will be many consequences to the world with the amount of waste humans produce every day.

Are there other cities that are starting to implement other methods or similar methods to dispose of the large quantity of waste that humans produce? Throughout time the amount of waste per day has always been increasing whether it is a constant increase or an exponential increase the amount of waste as always grown. Will the amount of waste ever start to decline?


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