Recycling Old Railway Cars

This article from website for the Salt Lake Tribune, the Salt Lake City newspaper which is relent to my research do to the various different types of railway transportation. This particular article discussed the additional rail cars that the Utah Transport Authority acquired. This source is useful because the rail cars featured in the article were originally manufactured in the 1970s. The recycling of said cars further aids in the reduction of waste produced by the technology of choice; trains. Although the cars are decades older than the modern system they are still usable. By purchasing these older cars and renovating them, the tab that the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) had to pay was significantly lower than the newer FrontRunner cars. Instead of $2.2 million dollars per new FrontRunner car, the UTA has the chance to put twenty-five cars, purchased for $35,000 and renovated by the company Bombardier for a little less $400,000 per car which in comparison is a great reduction in price.

By reusing the 1970 cars, less materials are resourced to manufacture the extremely expensive newer models helping preserve the environment. Also the UTA was able acquire cars from the Chicago Metra. Even though those cars are too old and corroded to be fixed up for reimplementation, they are still being put to good use. Instead of abandoning the Metra cars altogether they are being deconstructed and used as scrap parts for other cars that are currently in use.

A question that the use of nearly 50 year old cars with the relatively new system FrontRunner poses the question as to how the cars are compatible to modern systems and if they will be durable enough seeing as safety features are constantly updated.



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