Evon, Dan. “Die-Fi An article reporting that a child killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him access the Internet came from a ‘satire’ web site.”, 24 June 2016,

LaCapria, Kim. “Dumpster Maybe A graphic image shows fetuses found along a riverbank in Nepal, not fetuses discovered in a Dumpster behind a Michigan abortion clinic.”, 9 Feb. 2016,

From both the searches of “trash bag” and “garbage bag” two very common results popped up. They both were related to death. One related to dead fetuses and the other about a boy heading a litter of kittens in a trash bag against a tree and then killing his parents. One was considered false and the other was considered miscaptioned. 

With many other cultural searches of trash bag or garbage bag death is always a common result. Why is that? Is it because those that are killing people or animals think of their victims as trash? Or is it just a simple way of discarding and trying to hide what they have done? If it is the latter of the two, those that dump dead bodies in trash seem to be mistaken as a proper way of discarding things without getting caught, because eventually somebody will stumble upon the trash and see that there is a dead body in it.


In the past garbage as been the cause of many serious problems in cities. Trash that was disposed of improperly resulted in the Bubonic Plague killing millions of people.


History and today’s culture has somehow related made a simple household technology known as the trash bag and death.


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