Staying Sharp with Sleep

Why Sleep is Precious for Staying Sharp:

In this article, the discussion on sleep deprivation and staying smart is compared. If sleep deprivation is a continuous reoccurrence for someone, they will be more prone to early Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. By having a good sleep, the brain will be given time to flush out toxins and process the information accumulated throughout the day. By using the correct sleeping habits and the right mattress to give the best bodily support, the appropriate amount of sleep can be achieved. It is important to keep up a sleeping schedule. Even if there is one day where there is a late night or early morning, the time scheduled on being awake should be kept up. Sleeping in the next day or sleeping early later on in the day will not give one caught up sleep and will disrupt the sleeping cycle even more and could possibly make it even harder to sleep or wake the next night. But there are some instances where too much sleep will make one even more tired, and sleeping for only a couple hours could make one feel energized. Why is this the case? How does one know they have had enough sleep? There have been tests that were conducted that had people who thought they adapted to sleeping only a few hours a night ended up not functioning optimally through the testing. Understanding what one’s body needs and sticking to a schedule is important for brain development and overall daily function.


Racheal Cortner


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