The Elevator Effect (2)

Orem, William. “What Is The Elevator Effect?” Indiana Public Media. Indiana University, 25 Dec. 2012. Web. 13 Nov. 2016. <;.

This source gave a definition and explanation of the elevator effect from a psychological point of view. Basically, the elevator effect is a change in behavior that primates undergo when they are placed in enclosed spaces with strangers. This phenomenon is neither limited to elevators nor humans and Orem even describes how similar behaviors are observed in chimpanzees when they are placed together in a small room. The intended audience is obviously the interested public and the article was written for someone without any background knowledge of psychology. It provides a basic overview of the elevator effect and was easy to understand. I find it interesting that although this effect is not limited to elevators, it is still named after elevators and wonder why that is the case. After all, this effect also takes place on buses, trains, in waiting rooms and more. Most likely it is due to the enclosed nature and absence of distraction in elevators. Also, because elevators are so commonplace, a huge number of people have experienced this effect.


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