The Elevator Effect (3)

Brian, Marshall. “Emphasis on Teaching: Eliminate the “Elevator Effect”” BYG Publishing. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2016. <>.

This source further describes the elevator effect as I had imagined it being described. As stated in an earlier post, the elevator effect is when a group of primates (note that the elevator effect has also been observed in chimps) are confined together in an enclosed environment. People avoid eye contact, avoid conversation and in some cases show indications of stress. This is also true for a classroom which can be thought of as a large elevator. This newsletter focuses on how to eliminate the elevator effect in classrooms since the lower levels of communications negatively impact learning. This source is useful to me because it contains the same information as another of my sources did which makes that information more credible. The connection between the elevator effect and teaching is not terribly useful to my research about elevators, but it does provide a deeper understanding of the elevator effect as a sociological phenomenon. This in turn helps me to further understand the psychological impact that elevators can have on the people who use them.


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