“The Sportscar for everyone”

Grossman, Robert. “A Sports Car for Everyone.” Sports Illustrated 20 Apr. 1964: 38. Print.

This article is one of the first reviews ever done for the inaugural 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang by a car reviewer from Sports Illustrated. In the review, the reviewer goes over how there are many different possible types of Mustangs to buy due to the differing options for sale. While it is possible to get a 5 seat 2-door to carry a family around with a smaller engine, it is also possible to get a fully-powered 2 seater to race down a drag strip under the same basic frame.

This article relates to my previous research as it fills in a major part in the beginnings of muscle cars. Before the 1960’s, the only options that a car could be sold with was the color of the interior and exterior. Now, due to the desire for cars to be modified due to the previously existing trends of car modification, car makers sold their cars with options to appeal to a grand variety of people.

After this article, I think that I will direct my search towards trying to understand how a car that was primarily made for muscle was able to appeal to such a wide market, including families and women.Is there a factor in 60’s culture that would affect why cars started to have more options than before? I might be noticing a trend in the 60’s with people trying to make things multipurpose. including multi-purpose sports stadiums and military equipment attachments to vehicles.


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