Transistors in Need of Improvement

“Transistors in Need of Improvement”

In this article, the main point is that there are many issues with the standard germanium transistor. These include the electrical properties of the metal that change as it is heated, and as pointed out specifically in the article even the change in temperature that comes from it being placed inside of a hearing aid can mess with the transistor. The main idea behind this article seems to be the idea of suggesting a different material for replacing the germanium transistor. Like the false article I posted earlier where the USSR claimed to magically create a usable material by using radiation and a synthetic plastic, the article claims to have “hundreds, even thousands” of combinations of semiconductor material.

Interestingly enough, this article points out some of the confusing and misleading information that was surrounding science at the time. In the final paragraph, the article claims that silicon could possibly be used as a semiconductor material, but it is not possible to obtain it in a pure enough form in order to do so. This is obviously not true. For example, we only have to look at the name of the place where all of the computer manufacturers are based out of (silicon valley) to see that scientists and engineers did in fact find out a way to purify silicon to the point where you could etch transistor material into it.


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