Waste Management Sharps Disposal Service

“Select an Area.” Residential Medical Waste Disposal. Waste Management, n.d. Web. 2 Nov. 2016.

This source is from the website of Waste Management, an American disposal corporation. Because hypodermic syringes are considered medical sharps waste, they require special disposal so that they do not pose a risk to public safety. Many states often require the use of such a service for the proper disposal of needles. After subscribing to this service, the customer receives a container in the mail specially designed for sharps waste. According to the website, the customer must “fill and seal the container, put the container into the U.S. Postal Service pre-paid packaging, and mail everything back to us.” To help put the customer at ease, Waste Management will provide the customer with documentation that their sharps have been disposed of safely. This service also seems to be quite expensive, as the entire process is $45 per container in a few locations I looked at, such as Pullman and Walla Walla.

The other articles I have read stress the importance of properly disposing hypodermic needles, as they pose a public health risk when placed in the regular trash. To prevent needlestick injuries, the sharps used in the home should be placed in a container like the one provided by this service from Waste Management. However, it appears that this method of disposal is cumbersome and expensive, which leads me to ask if many people would actually be willing to go through the hassle of properly home sharps waste. Does this possibly increase the unforeseen dangers associated with new, disposable needles?

URL: https://www.wm.com/store/catalog/residential/recycle-by-mail-for-home/syringes-and-lancets?zipCode=99163


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