World Factbook and Trade Centre

International Trade Centre. “Trade Statistics for International Business Development.” Trade Map –. International Trade Centre (ITC), n.d. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

“CIA World Factbook.” Central Intelligence Agency. CIA, n.d. Web.

Both the CIA World Factbook and the Trade Centre map shows a country’s imports and exports throughout the years. I decided to combine both into one annotated bibliography because of their similarities. Like previously mentioned, these websites track a country’s exports and imports throughout the year. More specifically, these sites track what materials a country imports and exports, not necessarily specific goods.

These websites are useful to those who are investigating what materials different countries import/export relating to their specific technologies. These websites make it easy to track where specific materials come from and how much (in terms of dollars) a country consumes of that material. The websites are built in such a way that allows user to view the materials in order of what materials are bought more frequently than others.


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